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A true ISDN alternative

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Have you ever thought about saving money with VoIP but have been put off by doubts over your internet connection speeds, uptime and quality of service. With King Comms NI Assured VoIP and a you need not worry anymore – a true ISDN alternative.

The benefits of our service include

  • Backed by the largest network in the UK
  • UK based support team
  • Use soft phones on your PC or Smart phone
  • Remote access to telephone system and hardware for quick fixes
  • Remote workers – connect home workers to your telephone network
  • QoS (quality of service) – because you ADSL connection originates from our servers your voice calls will not go over the internet and will not be be choppy or distorted
  • VPN and site to site tunnelling – interconnect you sites for free site to site VoIP calls as if it never left your own network
  • Save money compared to expensive ISDN lines

Compared to ISDN

Service Assured VoIP ISDN
Free calls between sites
Remote Access
Soft Phones
Remote Workers
Cost for 10 Lines £80 £150

That’s a 47% saving.

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