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Hosted PBX

If I told you that you could have all the features of an enterprise level telephone system without the outlay, what would you say? At King Comms NI we offer a state of the art platform that does exactly that from as little as £10 per month! Whether you are a one man operation or an enterprise level organisation, King Comms NI has the right solution for you! Check out some of the advanced features and benefits that are on offer:

  1. Save Money

    Unlike many of its competitors our Hosted PBX is a pure IP PBX solution which means that it uses the internet to route calls. This means that you can replace expensive ISDN lines with SIP trunks (internet telephone lines) which are a fraction of the cost.

  2. Fully Supported

    In the unlikely event of any faults occurring, our Hosted PBX will be supported by our dedicated support team. Changes to your system are easily carried out remotely off site and this includes any changes to the programming of your Hosted Solution too!

  3. Configurable Handsets

    In our Hosted PBX it is the Handsets that carry user information such as extension numbers. This means that you can move your staff more easily around the office and even to a different office and as long as there handset goes with them they will be contactable on the same extension number on your system.

  4. Remote Users

    This is ideal if you have a number of staff that are required to work from home or for long periods off site. As long as there is an internet enabled WI-FI or Ethernet connection that your device is able to connect to, a remote user can connect to your telephone system in many ways.

  5. Soft Phones

    A phone that is installed onto your laptop or desktop PC.

  6. Smart Phone App

    An application that is installed onto your Apple or Android smart phone device which turns that device into an extension on your work telephone system.

  7. IP Genie Handsets

    Simply take your work handset with you and plug it into an internet enabled router and away you go

  8. Connected Sites

    Have all your sites connected so that staff are easily contactable on an extension number no matter where you are.

  9. Conference Calls

    Our Hosted PBX is easily configurable to allow conference calling out of the box. This will allow external and internal callers to join into the conversation

  10. Auto Attendant

    Provide multi-level auto attendants, to guide callers to the right person or department

  11. Call Distribution

    Place calls, in queues, ring groups and even route calls depending on the CLI of the caller

  12. Call Queues

    Queue calls, until agents are available to answer, callers can break out, you can announce wait time and position of caller in queue

  13. Call Forward

    Away from your desk, no one in the office, forward calls to anywhere in the world.

  14. Call Waiting

    No more having to pay PSTN charges for this feature, it FREE with our Hosted PBX

  15. Park & Pick Up

    Need to handle multiple calls on the one phone? No problem with our Hosted PBX you can park calls, and even pick them up from another phone.

  16. Call Recording & Logging

    Enable, Disable or Call Record on demand, our Hosted PBX can do them all on a per extension basis.

  17. Call Detail Reporting (CDR)

    See what calls have been made and received through our Hosted PBX, with graphs, queries you can integrate the CDR’s to get exactly what you want, no more trawling through reams of paper.

  18. Blacklist Privacy Manager

    We all get them, nuisance calls, no more with our Hosted PBX, you can block on a per number basis, or is someone with holding their number? Well get them to clear a security check before you answer.

  19. Phone Book / Speed Dialing

    With IPGenie’s integrated phonebook, for inbound calls instead of see just a number see the person’s name, at utilise your phone book for speed dials.

  20. Hunt Groups

    Your phone rings, but your away and forgot to divert, well the Hunt Group will hunt you down via a predefined list of numbers.