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IP Genie UCP Range

Unify your business communications

It’s all about communicating; staying in touch isn’t enough because business communication is more than just talk. IPGENIE is a fully integrated hardware platform designed to deliver the full communication spectrum from voice to data, unified messaging to video. It’s a system that any business can afford and no business can afford to ignore.

The IPGENIE UCP replaces costly, dated and inflexible telephone switch systems and ISDN lines with a simple rack-mounted or freestanding unit that connects to a robust tier one network. All communication traffic in or out of your business suddenly moves into a system aligned with the future, not stuck in the past.

With the IPGENIE UCP, you take, make and handle your calls using a standard mobile or fixed line telephone hardware that’s connected to your computer network, so adding an extension is easy, and so is adding one in a town or country miles away, your widely distributed business can now feel like a single, cohesive whole.

Customers will contact you using the same geographical numbers they always have, but that is where any similarities with your legacy system end. IPGENIE UCP delivers crystal clear communications at little cost or no cost at all, and you can configure a communications topology of your own design enabling customers to reach the correct contact easily. Telephony computer integration is fully supported by IPGENIE UCP so your customer service team can see who’s calling and from where, they can also see full relationship history, trends and practically and data your enterprise can generate, automatically.

Each IPGENIE UCP is designed so that it delivers every classical feature found in a high end business switch right out the box, but the feature rich IPGENIE is also extensible and effortlessly scaleable too. With the option of unlimited calls, it doesn’t impose growth limiting restrictions, its there to be built upon and react to all business needs as a company grows or diversifies.

IPGENIE UCP encompasses mobile communications, mobiles behave just like office bound extensions and can make calls using your own network, helping to contain costs and improve access to your mobile workforce.